From SCT Inst to EPI — How European Banking Is Changing

trimplement co-founder Matthias Gall gives an outlook of SCT Inst.

What is SCT Inst?

How SCT Inst Came to Be

What SCT Inst Achieves

The Challenges of Switching to SCT Inst

  1. Implementation of a payment hub able to handle all types of payments, including instant ones.
  2. Implementation of a parallel payment chain that will be dedicated to the processing of SCT Inst messages.
  3. Enhancement of the legacy system by adding additional components that will take over when the back-end systems are not available.

CoreWallet: Overcoming Legacy Core Banking Systems

  1. Transactions booked immediately from payer to payee by the banks involved.
  2. Guarantee-based exchange, in which the payer’s and the payee’s banks have established contracts of clearing at regular intervals.

Outlook: SCT Inst to EPI



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The trimplement Team

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